Motionleap: Easily Create 3-Dimensional Images

Motionleap is a professional photo editing app that is previously known as Pixaloop and was created by Lightricks which is happening as the creator of some amazing photo editing apps such as; Lightleap, Videoleap, Facetune, and Photoleap. It is designed for those ordinary users to give them an editing app that makes photo animation and editing to be simple. As the result, the Motionleap app was named as one of Google Play’s Best Apps in 2019.

It comes with almost everything you’ll need to edit photos on the move. Contains a variety of fashionable effects, filters, and features to assist you in creating a gorgeous image by utilizing fantastic 3-dimensional live image filters and effects. The Artistic Tool contains Motionleap (previously Enlight). With the Artistic Tool’s incredible photo editing capabilities, you can animate and edit your photos. With just a few touches, you can boost your creativity and modify any image.

Are you looking for some animation ideas? Just search the Motionleap app, and join the social media craze.

The Motionleap features are as follows:
• An animation editor with simple tabs refers to the direction of picture movement.
• Animation effects for photographs with borders, glitter, and much more
• Background switcher with amazing effects
• An image enhancement editor that allows you to do all of the necessary 3-Dimensional photo changes.
• A large range of timelapse-like artificial sky backgrounds

Easily Create 3-Dimensional Images

Use tabs to apply animation, adjust the speed, and modify the background to turn photos into animated 3D photos. With the help of Artificial intelligence-based picture effect tools, it will make it easier to define large parts of a picture or fine-tune for more control.

Add Unique Overlays, filters, borders, and Effects

It makes it easy and simple to add unique effects to your images that will help you gain more followers. Everything is possible with the Motionleap app, in which you can simply create a photo animation and add some fun effects to your photos.

Motionleap brings photographs to life by creating animated pictures and stunning visual effects that will impress your friends and followers. The great thing is that it’s a completely free photo animation program and editor! Enjoy your single picture come alive as stunning videos that bounce back and forth or move like a GIF by animating it and adding 3D special effects.

Creator of Photo Effects

Fantastic photo effects will bring your photo to life. Enjoy as each photo transforms into a live 3D photo with the support of fantastic photo filters that will bring out your innate unique talent with a useful and easy tool at your fingers. You may experience the convenience of one-touch easy transformation and 3-dimensional photo animation with Motionleap, which transforms your works to life.

Artistic Image Editor

With the artistic picture editor, you may add amazing effects to your photos. With a vast choice of photo filters at your fingertips, you can jump right into your picture editing experience. To create precise effects for your live 3D photo, use the picture brush photo editor tool.

Your Digital Masterpiece

With Motionleap’s beautiful, effective, realistic, and simple 3D picture animation tools, you can easily modify photographs. Use the photo editor to transform your pictures using an ultimate editor that makes it possible to create stunning art in a matter of seconds. Motionleap allows you to make and edit moving images using simple and effective editing tools such as background changers, 3-dimensional Live, 3-dimensional motion, and picture editor, filters, and effects.

Unlimited Photo Editor & Animation Creations

With plenty of creative effects, borders, and animation capabilities, you can let your creativity flow. Create astonishing effects from live photographs and use incredible filters and effects to turn each image into a beautiful work of art.

Send us your 3-dimensional photographs and we’ll display the finest ones. Share dynamic images and take your social media feed to the next level with Motionleap.

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